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Some PCA pics
  locoo, Jan 16 2014

PCA is pretty cool for LP since our own Ryan Daut won it so here you go some pics of the place for those who hasn't go there yet. The Atlantis Resort is a pretty amazing place, hope I can go there on vacation for sure.

I got a bit more but couldn't upload more maybe day cap, will try later.

Gl all

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LAPT Finals Pta del Este
  locoo, Oct 17 2013

Hello LPers, I'm flying to Punta to play the finals of LAPT this November 21-25. I think it's insane value but because I have to pay 900$ flight and MTT variance I wanna sell 60% of my 2500$ buyin, so 1500$ with 1.2 mark up = 1800$

I believe theres good value as I've played some LAPTs before and I'm already experienced in the field etc which according to a reg friend of mine who just went to London for the EPT theres no comparison in skill level (hint: SA sucks at poker).

Anyway send to locoo20 on pokerstars

5% = 150$
10% = 300$
20% = 600%

SOLD OUT. Thanks!


10% - adam001 (received)
10% - longple (received)
10% - Twisted22 (received)
10% - hneves182 (received)
10% - Fayth (received)
10% - AndrewSong (received)

Thanks all! hopefully I'll be giving back lots of monies!

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Poker Team
  locoo, Aug 25 2012

I was thinking about gathering a small team of 2-4 winning players that more or less have the same goals and grinding ability and just sharing everything from bankroll, profits, knowledge in everygame MTTs, NL cash games, omaha, etc.

Always had this thought but after my recent downswing I was thinking a bit more if is this even doable. Does anyone do this or have done this before? any pros/cons you might wanna share?

The main reason for me would be that poker is just such a lonely enterprise, you are basically a one man company and I feel like if I'm gonna do this for more years, learning new games along the way I would work better and harder with a group rather than alone, it can help with motivation too when you hit a downswing, you won't win as much with an upswing but I guess the group would be the most important thing and not just your personal success.

Any thoughts?

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